June 2006 Family Photos
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January 2006 Family Photos

1/02....We open 2006 with a look back at Christmas Eve, 2005
           For previous months photos, please click here.            

1/02....Eric shares his oplatek with our neighbor Steve         For a look at Christmas Eve from 2 years ago, click here

1/02....Babci catches Steve's ear.

1/02....Mom and Tommy share wishes.         

1/02....Later Abby entertained us.

1/02....Christmas Morning!         

1/02....The fastest hour of the year.

1/02....Tommy studies his present.         

1/02....Abby was sad when it ended.

1/02....The next night Mary reads to Babci.         

1/02....While cousins Jamie and Jacob from Michigan joined in the fun in another room.

1/02....Uncle Ben, Auntie Annie, Jacob and Jamie.         

1/02....New Year's Eve: 11:59:50.

1/02....Happy New Year!         

1/02....Our newest family member may have had some trouble with the noise!

1/02....2006's first evening sky as seen from our driveway.         

1/02....It rained the entire next day, but the first evening sky was spectacular none the less.

1/02....Truly spectacular.         

1/02....Meanwhile, Steve H. led a spirited bongo version of Musical Chairs.         without the chairs!

1/02....Everyone had a great time!         

Abby got a digital camera for Christmas and here are some of her photos!
The world as Abby sees it:
Happy Mom          Little sister          Tired Dad          Hmmmm          More little sis          Little brother          Dad, at work          Smiling Babci
Neighbor Steve          Neighbor Grace          What a nice photo!          Mom and Dad          Big sister Mary          Happy Dad          Goodbye Christmas
Mom and Jodie from the Camera Shop each got the same gift for Christmas!          The local Indian Restaurant closes          Our last meal there
Finally, a self-portrait

1/11....We say goodbye to our Indian friends.
         Now Dad will have to cook more often!

Abby took three photos at the Annual Martin Luther King, Jr Breakfast and here they are!
         That's her former music teacher, Mrs. Cassandra McDonald, on the left
         Abby's principal, Mrs. Robinson, was honored         but Abby's flash didn't go off!
         Documenting why we were there

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